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About Jeannie's

Jeannie’s Enterprises, Inc. was founded in the summer of 1979 by a mother entertaining the neighborhood kids. As a part-time artist, Jean (our founder and namesake) often used her interest as a source of inspiration and enjoyment for family and friends. On this fateful day, however, she learned she could combine her creative talents and a keen, lemonade-stand sense of business into a very profitable return. And so it was that Jeannie’s came to be.

From humble beginnings in handmade crafts, Jeannie’s has grown from a few retail locations into our current state as an international wholesaler of everything in little girls’ fashions, novelties, and general gifts. However, we’ve never lost site of our heritage or our founding values.

As a female owned and operated business, we at Jeannie’s have focused much of our corporate energy into supporting other startups and working with non-profit organizations in our area. Activities have spanned the board from sending teams around the country for national breast cancer awareness days to direct sponsorship of youth service agencies working in some of the countries largest inner cities. Our culture is also reflected in our hiring practices where we attempt to employ those in need, particularly working mothers and single parents.

In defining ourselves to our customers we strive to embody these ideals and our historical culture in three distinct ways:

1. Dependability – we have been successfully doing this for over 25 years.
2. Innovation – we are continually reinventing our product line and introducing the latest, most exciting service offerings.
3. Integrity – we are above all else focused on conducting ourselves in an ethical fashion that is in harmony with our underlying culture.

If you have any further questions regarding Jeannie’s and what we are all about please check out other areas of the site (e.g., our product catalog, our Philanthropy and Show Schedule, etc.) or feel free to contact us.

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